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Dharma Your Karma!

Laws of Co-Creation!
Ryan Keys-Mathews

Lets Go!

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  Help Me, Help You!   

In the vein of Jerry Maguire, I hope to help you help yourself!
I believe everything happens for a reason! In fact, you crossed my path not by chance, but by DESIGN. I hope to help figure out ways to explore your powers of co-creation. We are creating our world evey minute of everyday. Ask yourself, "Are you happy, or are you just comfortable?"
I have been helping people start new lives, find love, and become the best they can be for over 14 years! I made more than enough mistakes in mylife that you can learn from! Maybe you just need that outside ear to listen, or fresh eyes to help you see a new path!
I myself have used these methods to not only gain in business, but to overcome almost impossible odds! I had to reinvent myself several times from tragic accidents, cancer, and virtually support the world I was in like Atlas!
I have been in places where the eastiest of answers became a struggle just to see the forrest for the trees! I do not claim to be a Love doctor, or some miralce worker. I only know what I know because I have been down those roads, crossed those bridges, and yes even burnt some right to the ground!
I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be! I do have faith and believe in my message to you!
My book The Laws of Love, and The Art of Co-Creating will be out in January! This is your inside peak to the way I have overcome every obstacle so that you to can carve out a new path!
On this site we will of course talk about LOVE, and LIFE! Love comes in many ways, family, friends, coworkers, teachers, soul mates, and pretty much anyone that is a helper to you! We will help you figure out how to get more love in your life! Love is the answer, we have lost site of how precious all relationships are to success!
Some sites claim some pretty outrageous things! Guys how would you like your own personal wingman? Ladies, imagine you can finally get the real truth from an insider! Basically, you can avoid the traps because I have already stepped in them!
I’ve spent years writing advice about life, love, and where to look for it! Then I finally realized we all need more than just little advice. What you need is a coach! Tips, tools, insights, and keys to finding love on or off line. Let's get through this together!

Are you ready for some ego crushing reality? We all need love! For God sakes they even wrote a song about it!

Your new wingman!

So what are you waiting for? Let me be your wingman.

Warning, I may not always tell you what you want to hear! You need facts to create a strategy to find a mate. It's a war out there, and LOVE is a battlefield!

So is it just me or do any of you notice a theme in our lives? Love is elusive, they write songs about it, shows about it, but no one ever told you the where and the how of finding it. 

Ask the Expert!

Feel free to email your questions, comments or ideas to ryan@ask-ryan.com. For issues that are of particular interest to the the community, we may publish (with your permission) your questions along with our answers on this web site. Yes,your email goes directly to me, and I will be the one responding! So don't hold back, go for it! I also just started a blog on the site, l appreciate your tactful and encouraging support!


By coming to my site you will be able to read my up to-date advice column, motivational rants, and yes even hire me as your own personal coach.

Find out more About ME, take a look at my Services to make your possibilities a reality.

My goal is to get you into action, not just thinking about it. 


Contact: Info@Ask-Ryan.com   Beverly Hills, CA 90211heart_on_fire_sm_wht.gif